says:  When Ferraris have become boring, elegant, unthreatening looking cars, when Porsche has been so great for so long that even it's most handsome cars (of which there are plenty) and awesome German engineering no longer makes the heart race, it's the perfect time for a beast like the Gallardo, distinctive, beutiful and fierce. The Gallardo also handles amazingly, and for what it costs, it is definitely the best supercar in the world in my opinion. .
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Robbie SavageRobbie Savage (Footballer): Walking mop and Welsh midfielder they-love-to-hate Robbie owns a fabulous Gallardo.
Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson (TV Presenter): Topgears great lummox owns a fighter plane, and also one of these lovely spyders.
Nani (Footballer): Manchester United midfielder Nani bought his rare white Gallardo in 2010.


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