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Fan Tributes to the Aston Martin DB9.
02005Achille Paladini says...A classy performance vehicle like no other. Power, suttle elegance with total comfort and amazing speed. An experinece to own and drive!
2007 DB9victor york says...Just waiting 5 more days for delivery of mine--The car is in a total class of its own. My other car is acl600 benz and ive had Ferrari before so I expect that everything I have read will be reflected in the quality and soul that the car's bespoke history has indicated.
20045.9 Barnes says...You just have to look at it to realise it's the most beautiful car ever conceived and built. It's got performance to match most Ferraris, is 30k cheaper than a 360, and is just pure luxury to inside.Men and Motors
2004-Steve Large says...Wow!!!!!!!!!Men and Motors
2004- Coleman says...What a super car you can get lost in wonderment at the great design, but when you get behind the wheel you feel like James Bond. And all the gadgets great like being on the starship Enterprize. King of the road.Men and Motors
2003-sinead graham says...Utlimate power and class.Men and Motors
2004-CHRISTOPHER ATKIN says...The ultimate driving machine both in terms of looks and overall performance.Men and Motors
2004-Mr. Williams says...The styling, power, quality and stigma of the historical brand.Men and Motors
2003-James Collier says...The shape and styling are only half of what the car has to offer in respect to performance and road handling. The sound of the engine combined with the great advanced gear change is a joy to listen to alone. If I was in a possition to buy one I would not wait to put my name down!.Men and Motors
2004-mr. sharpe says...The motor is just a touch of class, it represents a true british lion heart. with anyone daring to drive the lucractive car will surely be wanting to be the next james bond!Men and Motors
2004-Mr. BLAKER says...The most beautiful car ever produced, and it's fast and British!Men and Motors
2004-Chris Ismay says...The most beautiful car in the world.Men and Motors
2004-Shaun Martin says...The most beautiful car ever designed.. and it has so much more class than any Ferrari.Men and Motors
2004-ross church says...The best built car in the world.Men and Motors
2004-Neill DeVall says...Style, Beauty, Elegance, Power, Grace all wrapped up in one awesome package.Men and Motors
2003-Roger King says...Stunning looks and performance, it's exclusive and it's british.Men and Motors
2003-Yani Joseph says...Sporty, exciting, sleek, elegant, powerful.Men and Motors
2004-Kevin Bradford says...So beautiful, fast, British.Men and Motors
2003-Vaughan Ireson says...Slick, speedy and sexy!Men and Motors
2003Volante 6.0 V12Jane Knight says...Sex on four wheels!Men and Motors
2004-Kevin Symonds says...Powerful, pricy but such posing power :)Men and Motors
2004-Mark Andrus says...It's stunning stationary, being driven slowly, or flying down the outside lane, whether you are outside or inside!Men and Motors
2004-warren Salt says...It's sex on four wheels? more more do you need to know!Men and Motors
2003-Daniel white says...It's just a beautiful car that manages to combine fantatic power with a sublime elegance. Love it.Men and Motors
2004Volante 6.0 litreNehal Thakore says...It is a world apart in quality, integrity and effectiveness of execution. Whereas the DB7 was based upon the old Jag XJS(!), the DB9 has a hi-tech bonded aluminium chassis which enables it to run the best of the supercars close on performance and yet offer a degree of comfort than nothing with this sort of dynamic ability can touch.Men and Motors


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