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Fan Tributes to the Ford Mondeo.
1997ST24 with RSAP kitHarry Pearson says...Wolf in sheeps clothing top performance from one of the top ford engines. With the RSAP body kit it looks the part. And that lovely V6 sound. Plus the go for peanuts second hand!Men and Motors
1993All Moat says...Way ahead in its class for handling, comfortable, very easy to drive, totally reliable, ultra cheap servicing and maintenance costs.Men and Motors
1999ST200Stuart Parker says...Very fast.Men and Motors
19982.0i 5dr GLX Petrol Manual Wright says...Very cheap to buy 2nd hand, but still has enough electric toys to keep anyones fingers happy.Men and Motors
19964x4 siTrevor Burns says...Unknown rare car with excellent handling.Men and Motors
2003ST220 3.0l V6Huw D'arcy Richards says...Ultimate style & confort.Men and Motors
19981.8TD Page says...Trusty, reliable motorway cruiser. Later models better as they had higher standard spec (aircon, cd etc.)Men and Motors
1996MK 2 2.0 Ghia xmick gee says...Top spec with all the toys.Men and Motors
19972.5 ghia xjamie dowling says...This is a good sporty fun family 5 door car. Fun to drive.Men and Motors
1997V6 Robertson says...This car is comfortable, reliable, economical and is a great handling car, but it cant shake off the repmobile/family car image, and thats a real shame, more people should know how good a car it is.Men and Motors
1994mk1 1.8 petrolKatherine Morris says...They are great cars for the family and also for doing up as they look so good.Men and Motors
1993- Stratton says...They are cheap, are great to drive (better than some more expensive cars), even the early ones still look fresh today.Men and Motors
2000ST24 2.5 DOHC V6Mr. O'Hara says...The ST Mondeo's are 'jack of all trades'. Plenty of power under the bonnet, and refinement in the cabin. Not the best in its class at any one thing, but a great all rounder.Men and Motors
2002Zetec S TDCiChris Morley says...The car drives very smoothly and has class leading dynamics that other family cars simply cars can't match. Add to the that good value for money and you have the ultimate package.Men and Motors
1998ST200Anne Riggs says...The best ever.Men and Motors
1998ghia X V6 auto hatchPat Brammer says...The absolute total all round car, boy racer, easy in middle of london, long distance cruiser carries family and dogs at weekends, business associates during the week.Men and Motors
2000ST24Kevin Smith says...Superb to drive, power when needed. For a engine of that size not bad MPG. Have had very few if any problems.Men and Motors
1993ghiadave gillie says...Superb drivability/reliability.Men and Motors
19962.0 petrolmaureem bennett says...Style, comfort, reliability.Men and Motors
2000Mk2 ST200Pete Lomas says...Stunning looking car as standard, very powerful with the looks to match.Men and Motors
20021.8lxkeith pearson says...Smooth looks, perfect engine, refined interior. a great all round family car.Men and Motors
1994diesel autoRobert Lipowski says...Smooth and easy.Men and Motors
19951.8 TDMark Bradbury says...Reliable, Cheap spares, Quite, Comfortable.Men and Motors
19951.8 dieseldavid winter says...Reliable rust free comfortable, and very good at passing mots without spending too much money.Men and Motors
20012.0tddi ghiagary smith says...Reliable and powerful and glues itself to the road!Men and Motors
20022.0 TDCi ZETEC 130paul finlay says...Reliable - looks nice - and its a fast as F#%K !! ;).Men and Motors
19952.0 SiCraig Smith says...Quick car cheap to insure, great andling and above all very very safe.Men and Motors
20001.8Mark Wood says...Quality, well built, solid & safe, big enough for 5 large blokes. Very cheap 2nd hand values, mine cost 4.2K for,A 39,000 mile 3year old, with air con, traction, fogs, cd, air con etc. Repairs are cheap, because everybody makes compatible parts for it.,.Men and Motors
1998ST 24 2.5 V6Steven Phillip says...Power, a wolf in sheeps clothing.Men and Motors
20032.0 tdci 30bhp zetec stracy dainty says...Performance, handling.Men and Motors
1997mk2 st 24roy hallworth says...Nice family car with serious power for that inner boy racer.Men and Motors
2000ST200Andy Jenkins says...Never under estimate the power of the ST !Men and Motors
1998V6 ST24 RSAPSimon Bayley says...Lots of torque. Drives well with style and comfort.Men and Motors
1997ST24Marcus Pollard says...Looks, reliability, cheap(ish) parts, great website ( and Motors
19982.0 Litre PetrolDuncan Brown says...Looks good, plenty of space, decent performance, handles well, reasonable amount of kit.Men and Motors
19941.8TDDarrell Wilding says...Look after it and it just goes on and on and on you can get atleast 200,000 miles plus out of one!!Men and Motors
19962.5 V6steve smith says...Just a mondeo but its a V6.Men and Motors
1998-Martin Vollert says...Just a great car with lots of room and a super engine.Men and Motors
19932.5 litre V6 24vneil hitchens says...Its sound!!!!!!, its ability to scare posher cars!!, its a mondeo!!!!!!!!Men and Motors
19942.0 GhiaRobin Ashton says...It's the most comfortable car I have ever owned. And it's not some cliche crapper that every dick and harry drives.Men and Motors
1999ST24Stuart Ainslie says...It's the best car I've ever owned, you can't beat the Ford V6!Men and Motors
2002III 2.5 v6Fraser Tosh says...It's the best car I have owned, I would class this a drivers car.Men and Motors
1998ST200Paul Riggs says...It is the top of the range (V6 duplex exhaust system full leather recaro interior and ultimate body styling).Men and Motors
19962.0L Si 4x4 Petrol RS Body KitDavid Ham says...It is the best all rounder I have owned, It looks good, it is very comfortable, fairly fast and reliable.Men and Motors
1998estatewilliam wallace says...It is a very comfortable car and it tows my caravan easily.Men and Motors
1997-Norman Osland says...I have driven many cars - new and old and this is a great car to drive and when discreetly modded looks fantastic.,.Men and Motors


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