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Fan Tributes to the Jaguar E-Type.
0ConvertibleJim Fitzpatrick says...You sure? Just look at it.Men and Motors
19624.2Des Meredith says...Years ahead of it's time for performance.Men and Motors
1968-Mr. Palfreeman says...Year I was born, father bought one to pick me up at hospital.Men and Motors
1965-David Pearson says...What a car that still stands the tests of time and still turns heads. A bold and striking move at the time of production.Men and Motors
1970-Geni Balderston says...Very sleek and classy looking that would definately turn heads with me driving it!!.Men and Motors
1969-michael brown says...ultimate sports car.Men and Motors
1968-JOHN HARTLEY says...Ultimate COOL.Men and Motors
1960-sinead willetts says...Ultimate class and elegance with fiery engine - evry girls dream car for her Prince to be driving!.Men and Motors
19672+2 Ramlal says...Timelessly stunning looks, great feel and driving pleasure.Men and Motors
1960-Colin Jenkins says...This is the most stylish car ever built.Men and Motors
1966series 1e petrolrichard smith says...This car is a most delightful shape and is very fast and still puts modern cars in the shade for looks and performance.Men and Motors
1965mark 1 drop head coupetrevor smith says...The ultimate sports car.Men and Motors
1965series 2ian maitland says...The ultimate in style and class.Men and Motors
0-Martin Bell says...The ultimate babe magnet and fashion statement.Men and Motors
16684.2jason foley says...The sexyest car ever built ... and its british .Men and Motors
1965Series 2 4.2 litre roadsterMr. Manson says...The sexiest, most sophisticated, charismatic car ever made. A schoolboys dream for anyone, like myself, who remembers it from the time.Men and Motors
1971v12Eddie Baillie says...The most perfect sports car ever built by a British company.Men and Motors
1975-Mr. Routh says...The most exciting car I have ever drivenplus good looks. The general overall performance levels could not be exceeded by any British made car during that era.Men and Motors
1961COUPEALISTAIR PETER BAIN says...The most beautiful car ever made.Men and Motors
19613.8 Litre Series 1Michael Woods says...The impact that the E-type made at that time in terms of its styling, performance, engineering and in terms of its price in relation to all of the above, while still preserving many Jaguar characteristics. And because, forty-three years later some of us (and I was not even around at the time) still can't get enough of them!Men and Motors
1961-Simon Gawthorne says...The E Type was revolutionary in that it was the first 150mph supercar available for just over 2000. More importantly it was beautiful and remains today an iconic shape.Men and Motors
1960V12 4.2PAUL SURRIDGE says...The E type is a British classic with great body styling and makes a noise that makes your body tingle with pleasure.Men and Motors
19613.8 coupeben holloway says...The car looks good, sounds great, goes well. it has an amazing backround(d type xk 120 etc) and is garanteed to turn heads wherever it goes. Id rather be driving one of these than a ferrari as it screams class not cash.Men and Motors
1960convertibleIan Press says...The best design ever.Men and Motors
0-Terry Scrivens says...The Best British sports car ever, looks, engine, it had everything.Men and Motors
03.8 xkMary Kemp says...The 3.8 is now consired the most 'pure' of the E type breed. Its sleek body designed by aerodynamics engineer Malcolm Sayer made it capable of nearly 150 MPH which was some feat in the early sixties.Men and Motors
19662+2 roadsterIan Ramlal says...Superb styling, timeless looks and a driving sensation.Men and Motors
1960-Jamie haslam says...Style. That view over the bonnet. The V12 engine looks good.Men and Motors
1960-Alan Thomson says...Style.Men and Motors
1960petrolterry culleton says...Sports looks and power that was second too none!Men and Motors
02 Lt approxGwen Wilson says...Slick, classie car.Men and Motors
1967-William Carlson says...Sleek and gorgeous like the wife!Men and Motors
0Series I/Series IIIain Morton says...Simply the Sexiest car ever made.Men and Motors
1970V12Mike Quilter says...Simply because it is beautiful viewed from any concievable angle. Not good round corners but fantastic in a straight line.Men and Motors
1960-Peter Dennis says...Sheer style. epitomises the era nicely.Men and Motors
1950-Andrew Caird says...Sheer style.Men and Motors
1960-JOAN MORTON says...Sheer power and class plus elegance.Men and Motors
1961Series 1 Preferably the 4.2 ltr version post 1964Dave Withington says...Shape and performance. Amazing looks and as much go as you could want.Men and Motors
1968v12 convertibleAndy Pratt says...Sexiest most gorgeous car ever built.Men and Motors
19634.2 DHCDarran Styler says...Sexiest looking car in the world!!!Men and Motors
60Two seatergeorge pomery says...Sex on wheels.Men and Motors
19743.0 manual transmission softtopJohn Bell says...Sex on 4 wheels.Men and Motors
19624.2Des Meredith says...Raw power and sex on wheels, if you couldn't pull in one of these you were dead.Men and Motors
19694.2 SERIES 2CRAIG MARSH says...Quality Classic English Car.Men and Motors
1960-Peter Crockford says...Pure class, still looks good today.Men and Motors
1971-James Turner says...Pure Class.Men and Motors
0-denise hudson says...Phwer! you gotta ask.Men and Motors
1970V-12. 5.3 litre.Steve Cooper says...Performance. Style. Reliability. Charisma.Men and Motors
1970V12 ConvertibleJohn Applegarth says...Perfect, precise, performance.Men and Motors
1970-mike neill says...Oozed britishness and style.Men and Motors
1997-barry payling says...Never, ever did a car create such stunning interest as this did when it came out.Men and Motors
0-paul hinnrichs says...My grandad had one- it was so cool.Men and Motors
1965-Phil Mason says...Most sports Cars are like vacuous pretty girls. The E-Type has the character of a genuinely beautiful woman.Men and Motors
1971Series III 2+2 Coupe 5.3 V12Steve Rodgers says...Most beautiful british car ever made.Men and Motors
0-JEANNE SLEDMORE says...Many years ago, as a suprise, A special person borrowed his friends e-type to take me out for dinner. I felt like a million dollars stepping into it - not very elegantly - dressed in a very short mini skirt. Oh the joy!Men and Motors
1964OTS roadsterCIARAN ARMSTRONG says...Just simply as it is the best looking car ever made! Especially in British Racing Green.Men and Motors
19654.2Chris Pinkney says...Just drop dead gorgeous, fast and value for money....Men and Motors
1960-kenneth simpson says...Just because this car was the car to be seen in in the 1960's and still is seen to be one of the coolest cars to have 40 years later.Men and Motors
1961-Carl Perrin says...It's slender lines and seer power from that engine was a marriage made in heaven. Will always be in my all time favorite cars.Men and Motors
1963Series 1 4.2 coupemark Chitty says...It's simply the most beautiful car ever produced.Men and Motors
1965soft topAndrew Foster says...It may be 40 years old, but it still looks ace. It's got the X factor.Men and Motors
1964petrolRoy Bedford says...It looks great I would feel really special in one.Men and Motors
1960-Iain Kendall says...It is the most beautiful looking car EVER. Even 40 years later it still turns heads and goes like a rocket sled on rails.Men and Motors
1960-Dave Roberts says...It is the classic sports car. The lines and shape have never been seen before or since. It just looks every inch the perfect sports car.Men and Motors
19674.2 Series 1Colin Reeve says...If you have to ask, you probably won't understand. But here goes. The E Type is the epitome of the British sports car. Capable of enormous speed, with great handling and at a bargain price - well relatively! And, it is the best looking car EVER - bar none.Men and Motors
1967Mark 1Peter Hindmarch says...Icon of British motoring, sleek, silver and sexy. It has the sssfactor!!!!!!!Men and Motors


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