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Fan Tributes to the Opel Manta.
19832.0 Inj i200 Group B SpecRobert Crow says...Too many to list here!Men and Motors
1987GSiPeter Merkelbach says...There is no substitute!Men and Motors
19852.4 16valve phase 3 400Mr. Howell says...The most awesome rwd rally car ever, especially in the hands of Mr Jimmy Mcrae.Men and Motors
1983400Mr. Hancock says...The Manta 400 was an amazing rally car, only 2wd but still able to mix it with the 4wd supercars. I'd love to own a roadgoing version, but they only made 1 right hand drive example.Men and Motors
19882.0ltr Gte ExclusiveStuart Kowalski says...The looks - nothing this side of the eighties has the pure lines and looks of the manta!, Oh - and rear whell slide and drive!!!Men and Motors
19862.0 GTeDavid Howell says...Stylish sleek coupe, Fantastic handling, Rear wheel drive.Men and Motors
19862.0 GTEDavid McLennan says...Styling, RWD, handling.Men and Motors
1986-Kendre Chiles says...Style, performance and handling ability. It has 110% grin factor every time you drive one.Men and Motors
1986-Graham Taylor says...Sheer Driving Experience!! Nothing else comes close for the money that you can get one for.Men and Motors
1988B 2.0 cihJonnie The'Fox says...RWD, unusual, rally heritage and RWD.Men and Motors
1970MANTA 400KEVIN FINNEY says...Pure unadulterated fun to drive, as they are rear wheel drive. Sleek lines and cool styling. The original A series (or MK1) was designed totally by free hand, no computer crap.Men and Motors
19701900SRSteve Grundy says...More curves than you can shake a stick at, a None more black interior, oh, and a purple light for the heated rear window! This is the sexiest looking car I know of that you can actually afford to buy, and it doesn't drive too badly either.Men and Motors
1985-Steven Gardner says...Made sports driving acessable to all!Men and Motors
1970AllJoe Greaves says...Looks, rally heritage, handling, corrosion resistance.... (that last one was a joke).Men and Motors
19701.9 SRJason Nichols says...Looks, handling, reliability, proper 5 seater sports coupe.Men and Motors
19862.0 gte petroldan parry says...Looks great , goes well and never slows down up hills with full load, excellent driving position, corners great, rear wheel drive fun, feels safe and strong .Men and Motors
1970A seriesGareth Henson says...I have one, 1973, 1.9s. The best looks and styling of that era by far.Men and Motors
1982400 2.4lIan Busby says...I built one and it was awesome, Handling, brakes, performance all superb for it's day.Men and Motors


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