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Fan Tributes to the TVR Chimaera.
1998500 Roch-Berry says...TVR's most successful model. Far more reliable than the uninformed would believe. Awesome performance thanks to a 320bhp 5.0 litre V8 and a kerb weight of 1060kg.Men and Motors
2000500Mr. Rouse says...The sexiest sports car ever made, in the way it looks, the way it sounds and the way it drives.Men and Motors
1996-Dan Knight says...The most beautiful looking and sounding car ever built. Performance parallel to cars 4x the price.Men and Motors
1996-Mr. Walden says...The looks, the performance, the noise, nuf said.Men and Motors
1996400lbob cosgrove says...Sound awesome and look divine.Men and Motors
0-brian lamerton-reece says...It always puts a smile on my face, although not my wallet, I have always hated eco warriors and I intend to enjoy this car to the full before such vehicles are legislated out of existence by nanny state and all the limp wristed do-gooders!!Men and Motors
19993950ccNick Wheeler says...I've owned approx 15 sports cars over the last 15 years and this TVR is the one.!!Men and Motors
1998-Una O'Dowd says...I love this car because it has a presence. Every time I walk down a road/street no matter whats on my mind be it trivial matters or other this car always catches my eye and gives me goose bumps even when it's parked. If it's moving sometimes I recognise the engine sound before I see it. The interior looks like a toy car and the engine purrs like a kitten. It's the ultimate bad boy car but I'm a girl and I really, really want one. Green or blue, not fussy. Either way you can let me know when it's ready at the above address. Cheers.Men and Motors
19974.5Guy Nash says...I hit 30 and for the first time in my life was able to afford a car like this. It was awesome: performance to die for, fantastic looks and an exhaust noise that turned heads half a mile in advance of me getting there.Men and Motors


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