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Fan Tributes to the bmw mini.
2003onemark tayler says...You can make it look fantastic with only small detail changes and you can make it go faster to match the looks. Excellent motor.Men and Motors
-1959-Mr. Giles says...Totally turned the motor industry on it's head, with a pioneering design and tranversely mounted engine, driving the front wheels. Totally classless, a true car for the people.Men and Motors
1975cooperandrew symes says...They are like the closet thing of a go kart that you can get on a road.Men and Motors
20021.6 OneJames Broderick says...The new mini just looks soo sexy and stylish on the inside and outside. There are lots of different addons for the car, including GPS (if you're a gadget fiend like me). The whole look of the car just says BUY ME!Men and Motors
2000CooperStephanie Thompson says...The new Mini Cooper is the cutest car ever! It's funky, sexy and small (girls don't do big cars!) I love the customising that goes on with them too - the checker board is ingenious!Men and Motors
2002cooper s convertible 1.6emma louise hogan says...Small compact car, doesnt feel like a go cart anymore which is fantastic.Men and Motors
2002CooperNicholas Lazarus says...Small but stylish and cool! All mod-cons packed in to a sporty little mover.Men and Motors
2003Cooper S 1.6 Petrol InjectionMick Hancock says...Sex on Wheels...Nuff said.Men and Motors
2002CooperJames Thornely says...Not much bigger than a prazak but a lot more fun, this reborn British classic will provide oodles of joy and make you want to give up walking forever.Men and Motors
2004cooper sshaun harris says...Mini have always been a good little car but the new one is superb.Men and Motors
2004cooper sshaun harris says...Mini have always been a good little car but the new one is superb.Men and Motors
2003cooperkaren railton says...Love the way the car looks and feels and drives.Men and Motors
2004cooper 1.6Luke Ralph says...Its just a cool car and nice to drive.Men and Motors
2004CooperAlex Kelly says...Its a great looking car and drives second to nun.Men and Motors
200116Richard Paul Thomas says...It's a fun car to drive. People can customise their car, to look different. It's a car that young and older drivers like.Men and Motors
2002One 1.6 PetrolValerie Slatter says...It looks good, very economical with petrol, everyone loves Mini's and I have an adventure every time I go out in it.Men and Motors
2004CooperColin Patterson says...Individual looks, great performance and handling, my wife loves it which justified me buying my Harley..Men and Motors
2003Cooper S ConvertibleBARRY WALLIS says...I've always loved the Mini from right back in the 70's but the new Mini Cooper S Convertibile is just the bees knees!Men and Motors


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