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Fan Tributes to the dodge viper.
2004-Terry Sargeant says...This is a very powerfull car that i had the pleasure of driving through the Nevada desert two years ago!.Men and Motors
2000-Steve Elliott says...Sounds and looks like it means business.Men and Motors
1996rt/10 petrolstephen bowall says...One of the only super cars that only relies on size of its engine no turbos or super chargers just like it use to be.Men and Motors
2000-Jim King says...Looks ace and pulls birds.Men and Motors
1990-David Burkill says...LA - Hot car - Hot sun - Hot chick. What else do you need in life?Men and Motors
1993rt10 v 8 10 litre monsterjason forsyth says...Just look at the non turboed power and the unreal sound this baby makes woooow.Men and Motors
1998RT10 6ltrStephen Massey says...Its the coolest most unique modern car on the road compared to all the wedge shaped italian supercars, and the boring all the same box cars from Japan.Men and Motors
2002GTS Final Edition V10Craig Corbett says...Its my favourite car because its looks so dam good, who wouldn't be proud driving around in a Dodge Viper while going up to 192mph. Ive like Dodge Vipers for a long time but this model is my fav.Men and Motors
1998v10Jacob Round says...It is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.Men and Motors


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