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Fan Tributes to the ford fiesta.
19961.3 classic cabaretMarianna Kritikos says...Very reliable runner as well as an attractive model. Ford went down hill with the designs from this period on.Men and Motors
1991Popular PlusJon Fleming says...Very reliable and unpretentious.Men and Motors
19921.2spike milroy says...So crap no 1 will ever nick it.Men and Motors
1987-Elise Harris says...My first car, in 1999 was a 1987 Ford Fiesta. It only cost me 400 but that was 400 more than it was worth. It was rusty, smelled of horses and had five careless owners before me.,,I had to fill in the rust spots and spray paint it (hoping nobody would notice) before I let it out of the garage. Even then people kept saying your car looks like its been hand painted you know that dont you? Its a bit dodgy,,It looked like it was two cars welded together though research revealed it was not and people were always telling me they would beat up the person that sold it to me if I wanted them to. But it was just about road-worthy and would start (eventually) on even the frostiest of mornings. Even when it was iced up on winters nights (it had no heater) and seemed to have died it still started. It only had one wing mirror you had to pay extra for two its suspension was rubbish but it kept on going. It is the cockroach of motors. Even when civilization has crumbled and all other cars have gone it will carry on. Ugly, battered and noisy, uncomfortable to drive but still here. Probably using meths as fuel.Men and Motors
20021.25 16V 3 Door RedKevin Robinson says...Looks, Comfort, Price, and the wife loves it!Men and Motors


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